Asbestos Removal and Disposal is a Serious Business


If you need an OSH-certified asbestos removal and disposal company then look no further. ASSL specialises in safe removal and disposal of all types of asbestos products.


Do you have any of these common problems that require asbestos removal and disposal?

  • Asbestos textured ceilings
  • Asbestos lino, tiles and backing
  • Asbestos exterior/interior wall cladding
  • Asbestos roofing tiles
  • Asbestos Pipe lagging
  • Asbestos corrugated roofing
  • Asbestos ceiling cavity decontamination
  • Asbestos boiler insulation

ASSL has the know-how to make the job safe, efficient and professional. Asbestos removal and disposal is a very serious business.


Other Services AASL Offer

  • Independent asbestos sample testing using bulk fibre analysis
  • Asbestos documented and photographic site surveys
  • No obligation, asbestos consultancy
  • Independent air quality testing using scanning electron microscopy.

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